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Wuhan Manley Biological Technology Co.,Ltd website: http:⁄⁄www.wh–wanli.com⁄ Email ⁄ Skype⁄ fb : sarah@wh–wanli.com We are supplier of high Quality and different products of very good quality and competitive prices. our product list: 4–CMC 3–CMC 4–CEC 3–MMC 4–MEC A–PVP appp MDPV Dibutylone ethyl–hexedrone(hex) Methylone (bk–MDMA) BK–EBDP Mexedrone Dimethylphenidate(DP) 4F–PHP 4–MPD 4–CDC 1P–LSD 3–FPM 4–FA 4–MEEC, 5–EAPB, 5–Mapb, 5–MeO–DALT 5F–PCN FUB–AMB 5F–ADB 5F–MDMB2201 FAB–144 NM–2201 5F–AKB48 5F–MN24(5F–NNEI) AMB–FUBINACA AB–Fubinaca AB–Pinaca, BB–22 Ab–chminaca U–47700 U–48800 u–49900 Fentanyl (FU–F) BUFF BK–2C–B 5–APB 6–APB Etizolam 4cprc,2nmc,3–meo–pcp,jwh210,thj018,2fdck,4–aco–dmt,alprazolam,fuf,adrafinil,pv8 Payment: WU, MG, BTC. Shipping: EMS ,FEDEX ..... Delivery Time: Within 1–2 working day after confirm the payment Please contact me for detaileds : Email ⁄ Skype⁄ fb : sarah@wh–wanli.com

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